Pixel Crypt Series

Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to touch on the remark I made in the description of my recent Umbral Vault asset pack about making a series . My basic intent is to make a bunch of crypt levels with their own unique themes. I also have player and enemy animations planned. You can see the rough versions of those along with some of my older pixel art that these new level asset packs will be based on. I plan on doing about 6-8 different ones. You can expect some of the basic themes to show up, like forest, fire, water, etc., but some less common ones will show up as well. Again, the one unifying theme is going to be "crypt."

Obviously, anyone who purchases any of these assets is free to do what they please with them, but the vision I have for this series is basically that you play as this little specter scythe dude who has to clean up all of these undead infested tombs. Cute and charming, but also very gritty and violent. 

Anyway, I just wanted to show that my future plans aren't just nebulous ideas and that there are -- in fact -- already tangible concepts behind them. If this piques your interest, then stay tuned!


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Nice animations

thanks dude!